From Ormond Beach, FL

Madison Mulcahy

Director of Public Relations (she/her)


Hello! My name is Madi, and I am a third-year neuroscience major with a health disparities minor. I currently work as a newborn hearing screener on my way to becoming a physician assistant.

My research is in the Department of Psychiatry at UF under Dr. Nixon in the Neurocognitive Lab. Our current focus is on sex and age differences in cognitive functioning, but we also look at differences in cognitive functioning in individuals with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

My favorite part about working in the lab is constantly learning. I’ve had the chance to visit treatment facilities and meet the people participating in our studies, learn how to run an EEG, and learn the ins and outs of a clinical study. These experiences have made me a better thinker, student, and scientist! I am so looking forward to being the Director of PR for CURBS this year and sharing all of the awesomeness with you!