From Ocala, FL

Mansi Patel

Director of Educational Outreach (she/her)


Hi! I am incredibly excited to serve as one of the Directors of Educational Outreach this year.

I am a fourth-year behavioral and cognitive neuroscience major on the pre-medical track. I conduct research on factors that impact treatment outcome during cognitive-behavioral therapy for children and adults with OCD, anxiety, and related disorders in the Florida Exposure and Anxiety Research lab in the UF College of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry. I am also a part of the Equal Access Clinic Network Research team and am currently researching the efficacy of medical Spanish curriculum in US medical schools.

I enjoy mentoring new undergraduate research students through the University Research Scholars Program. This year, I hope to combine my passions of working with children and making research accessible to everyone by continuing to bring CURBS resources to youth in the local community.