From Clearwater, FL

Stuart Case

Director of University Liaison Council (he/him)


Hello! I am a fourth-year undergraduate majoring in public health with a minor in nutritional sciences. This is my third year in CURBS and my first year on the executive board.

I currently do research in the Department of Epidemiology with Dr. Yan Wang focusing on alcohol consumption in young people living with HIV. Through a new wrist biosensor that measures alcohol content and ecological momentary analysis, we hope to improve ART adherence and safe-sex practices. I also do research in the Department of Environmental and Global Health where I look into public health education and the importance of intercultural experiences.

CURBS has provided me with so many great opportunities to not only learn how to conduct research myself but also to connect with other student researchers on campus. I am so grateful for my CURBS family and look forward to sharing more about the benefits of research!