Aanchal Shah

Student NameAanchal Shah
Faculty Mentor NameJill Sonke
CollegeCollege of the Arts
Research InterestsArts in Medicine
Academic AwardsEmerging Scholars Program 2018
University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsDown to Dance: Co-Founder and President
Center for Undergraduate Board of Students: Director of Advising
Center for Arts in Medicine Research Lab
Hobbies and InterestsI love dancing and spending time with my two little sisters. (:
I also am very interested in Medicine and hope to pursue a career as a perinatologist.

Research Project

How can a novel clinical collaboration between a musician in residence and speech-language pathologists change patient outcomes??

This study aims to investigate the clinical collaboration between a musician in residence and speech-language pathologists. For the first time in Arts in Medicine history, a musician in residence at the UF Shands Rehab Center has developed a practice specifically in collaboration with the speech-language pathologists to address clinical care goals. In this collaboration, the clinician guides the musician to sing certain songs to the patient with tempo, repetition of the chorus, or other key artistic factors altered to facilitate speech therapy goals. These songs are based on the patients’ preferences so that the patient can connect with the song on a deeper level. This clinical intervention is designed to enhance the effectiveness of speech therapy amongst linguistically disabled patients. As this collaboration is the first of its kind, I aim to conduct a qualitative study to identify the impacts and components of this innovative clinical intervention.