Student NameAbigail Kimes
Faculty Mentor NameSamantha Brooks
CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
MajorAnimal Science
Research InterestsI am interested in genetics.
Hobbies and InterestsI love horse back riding and reading.

Research Project

Bee Genetics

The purpose of my project is to determine the influence certain genes have in the honey bee. The main focus is on tergite color in honey bees. By studying the paper written by Dr. Amin Eimanifar we were able to focus nine target genes. Out of those genes, we were able to find a gene called Ebony or GB46429. The gene was cross referenced with the similar gene in beetles and silkworms to help us determine the purpose. We also examined genes for ovary number and scutellar plate color. The main focus for those traits is a gene called GB46495. The next steps of this project are to verify Ebony is the gene for tergite color and GB46495 is the gene for ovary number and scutellar plate color then we will also be determining how these genes affect the bee.