Adam Fernandez

Adam Fernandez


Dr. Janani Sampath


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Biomolecular Engineering


Dream Team Engineering, First Responder Gator

Academic Awards

C. Addison Pound Jr. and Annie Cannon Pound Scholarship Recipient


Resilience Mentorship Program

Research Interests

Protein-Polymer Conjugation

Hobbies and Interests

Chess, running, and reading

Research Project

Designing Polymer-Protein Conjugates for Therapeutics using MD Simulations

Polymer-protein conjugates display a host of advantageous properties, as they combine the functionality and structure of proteins, along with the stability and processability of polymers. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is the most commonly used polymer in therapeutic applications due to its ease of synthesis and relative biodegradability. Despite the widespread application of PEG in therapeutics, there is a strong drive to develop alternatives due to varied side effects. All-atom molecular dynamics (MD) simulations will be used to characterize polymer chain conformations when the potential alternatives are conjugated to insulin, a protein with high therapeutic importance. Three candidates will be tested that are promising alternatives to PEG- polysaccharides, polypeptoids, and ethylene oxide copolymers.  Prior studies that have looked at the efficiency of PEG as a conjugate for insulin delivery will be used as a benchmark for our results.