Student NameAlexandra Hess
Faculty Mentor NameChristopher Pryor
CollegeWarrington College of Business
MajorBusiness Administration General Studies
MinorPre-Law Concentration
Research InterestsOnline Commerce, Consumer Behavior, Retail, Strategic Marketing, Organization Science, Entrepreneurship
Academic AwardsWarrington College of Business Dean’s List
OrganizationsPhi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, UF Crew
Hobbies and InterestsRunning, Traveling, Hiking, Entrepreneurship, Website Design

Research Project

Predicting the Shift from Online to Offline Commerce

Online-only retailers, such as Amazon, are making a new push from e-commerce to opening brick-and-mortar storefronts. Upon first glance, transitioning from an online-only to offline presence seems like a counterintuitive approach considering the rise in e-commerce over the past few decades. My research will analyze the reasoning behind this approach and its prevalence among other online retailers. I will predict which online-only retailers go offline and open storefronts and which ones remain on an e-commerce platform. Ideally, the results of my research will find a positive correlation between variables yet to be identified and the likelihood that an online-only retailer goes offline.