Student NameAlyssa Guariniello
Faculty Mentor NameAndrew Altieri
CollegeAgricultural and Life Sciences
MajorEnvironmental Engineering
MinorAgricultural and Natural Resource Law
Research InterestsCoral reef conservation, Particulate emissions from two-stroke scooters on campus
Academic AwardsFord Salute to Education (2017); Society of Women Engineers (2017)
OrganizationsDivest UF. Attempting to disentangle the University of Florida's assets with fossil fuels, private prisons, and human rights violations.
Hobbies and InterestsGardening, plant-keeping, Activism (environmental, prison abolition). Reading and watching non-fiction books and documentaries, Scuba diving

Why I got involved in research:

Very interested in coral reef conservation and using scuba diving to collect data.

Research Project

Strategies for Measuring Low-Oxygen Stress on Corals

This research project aims to identify cost-effective strategies for measuring low- oxygen stress on corals of different species, which will ultimately facilitate coral conservation efforts.