Angelique Vela

Angelique Vela


Dr. Erin Patrick


Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering


Electrical Engineering




Freshman Leadership Engineering Group, Hispanics in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Academic Awards

Florida Academic Scholars Award, University Scholars Program



Research Interests

Electric-field effects of stem cells and excitable cells, Lotka-Volterra equations to model predator-prey population dynamics

Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I love going to the beach and being involved in watersports like kayaking and paddle-boarding. Recently I've started learning latin dances such as bachata, salsa, and kizomba; it's quickly becoming a favorite hobby of mine!

Research Project

Modeling Electrical Stimulation of Cells

Prior research literature has examined the effects of electric fields applied to various types of cells. However, due to complicating factors such as faradaic and non-faradaic resistances, and double-layer capacitance at the electrode-electrolyte interface introduced by the geometry and materials of the experimental setup, the electric-field that the cells actually experience can contrast distinctly from the applied electric-field. These complicating factors are often not accounted for in prior literature.

Therefore, in my research I am modeling various bioreactor geometries and simulating how the applied electric-field would be affected by the aforementioned complicating factors. To accomplish this, I will be using both finite element analysis and equivalent circuit modeling. My research will have an additional focus on applying electric fields on adipose-derived stem cells. I will be collaborating with biomedical engineering researchers to study the effects of electrically stimulating these stem cells for the purpose of producing secretome, a collection of healing proteins, while accounting for how the electric field the cells experience may differ from the applied electric field.