Student NameAnna Baringer
Faculty Mentor NameMichael McDonald
CollegeLiberal Arts and Sciences
MajorStatistics and Political Science
Research InterestsElections, Voting Behavior, Participation
OrganizationsGators for Underrepresented Voters
Hobbies and InterestsGardening, Fostering Cats, Listening to Podcasts

Research Project

Citizen Voter Turnout and Youth Participation

Taking voter registration file data from each state, along with the Census population data, we will construct more accurate citizen turnout rates by age for all states in the country. Constructing these turnout rates by age is worthwhile in its own right, since they have never been calculated before and can help academics, policy makers, and election administrators better understand citizen turnout by age which have heretofore only been available through surveys. We can leverage this information to better understand variation in youth turnout across states to address which electoral conditions and which election laws may affect youth voter participation.