Annika Petersen

Student NameAnnika Petersen
Faculty Mentor NameDietmar Siemann PhD
CollegeUF Health Cancer Center
Research InterestsCancer Therapeutics and Host Response, Metastasis
Academic AwardsUniversity Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsFlorida Club Gymnastics, UF Shoes for Smiles
Hobbies and InterestsGymnastics, guitar

Research Project

Construction of a Tet-inducible Axl Knockdown Plasmid?

Currently, the Siemann lab uses axl knockdown techniques to see the impact of axl on breast cancer metastasis. However, there is little control of when axl is expressed. Constructing this plasmid will allow for more control over expressing axl using tetracycline signaling pathways. This will help further research on breast cancer metastasis.