Ariana Gonzalez

Student NameAriana Gonzalez
Faculty Mentor NameDarin Acosta
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsExperimental Particle Physics
Academic AwardsBright Futures 2017
UF Honors Program 2018
University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsSociety of Physics Students, UF Student InfoSec
Hobbies and InterestsReading, Chorus, Cross Country Running, and Drawing

Research Project

Using Machine Learning to Identify New Particles in the Decay of the Z and W Bosons?

The Z and W Bosons are fundamental force carrying particles, in the Standard Model, that mediate the weak force. For this analysis we are using proton-proton collision data from the CMS detectors of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider to search for specific decays. This research will attempt to improve the sensitivity of finding the new force carrying particle, which we labeled Z prime, from the Z boson decay and also to complete a similar analysis of a W Boson decay. Machine learning maximizes the discrimination of the signal process of a particle decay from other backgrounds with a similar final state. This involves creating new variables, making plots for these variables, and testing the performance in the neural network to determine if there is an improvement in the sensitivity of the search. We are testing to see if these new variables improve the neural network’s accuracy and performance, which aids the search for this new Z-prime Boson. This research will extend to completing a full data analysis of a W Boson decay. This includes becoming more involved in the data selection process, validating the data with comparison to the simulation, and studying possible systematic uncertainties.