Ariana Montesdeoca

Student NameAriana Montesdeoca
Faculty Mentor NameAlice Rhoton-Vlasak
CollegeCollege of Medicine
MinorWomen Studies
Research InterestsBisphenols, Endocrinology, Infertility
Academic AwardsUniversity Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsUF Womens Club Soccer, Undergraduate American Medical Women’s Association at UF
Hobbies and InterestsPlaying and watching soccer, running, traveling, reading

Research Project

The Effects of Bisphenol Exposure on Reproductive Health?

Consumer use of plastics has become a growing environmental and public health concern due to evidence showing its negative impacts on the environment and reproductive health in men and women. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a building block of plastics often used for food and beverage storage, and is also a component of resins that are used to line food and beverage containers. Despite widespread and ubiquitous exposure to bisphenols, current evidence suggests that environmental exposure can disrupt the endocrine system in humans, including reproductive effects. This research aims to highlight the reproductive impacts of bisphenols (BP’s) through a review of the literature of animal and human data, thus
providing greater public awareness of the risks of BP exposure, and outline methods to limit exposure.