Asia Barlow

Student NameAsia Barlow
Faculty Mentor NameMaddy, Coy, PhD and Alyssa Zucker, PhD
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsSocial activism. Gender and Sexuality.
Academic AwardsUniversity Scholars Program 2020
Hobbies and InterestsI love traveling, going on adventures, and cooking

Research Project

Tracking Attrition in Rape Prosecution in Alachua County, FL?

Our research is an investigation of attrition rates of rape prosecution in Alachua County, Florida. Attrition rates refer to the proportion of reported cases that do not result in prosecution and/or conviction in the criminal justice system. We will first engage in a multi-site data collection to measure attrition in the prosecution of rape crimes in Alachua County, FL in the period 2012-2018. Then we will perform two sets of interviews. The first will be with key informants in law enforcement and prosecution who can provide additional insight into the tracking process and the types of obstacles they perceive. The second will be with victim/survivors who experienced a variety of legal outcomes to learn from their experiences about moving through the legal system. The goal of the research is to provide analysis of the local policies, processes, and outcomes of rape cases in order to assist local and state-level policymakers in making data-driven decisions on how to increase reporting rates and to lower the rates of attrition of rape cases.