Aubrey Mys

Aubrey Mys


Catherine L Striley


College of Medicine, College of Public Health and Health Professions


Psychology and Sociology


Mass Communications and Health Education

Academic Awards

• Accepted into LEADUF program for leadership at UF (February 2021). • Won first place at the University of Florida Global Health Competition (February 2021) will advance to Emory Worldwide Competition and represent the University of Florida • Selected to the Future of Florida Summit (February 2021) • Selected for Assembly for Action (February 2021)• University of Florida Dean’s List (Spring 2020) • University Scholars Program (May 2020) • Accepted into Florida Undergraduate Research Conference 2021 to present (January 2021)


UF’s Research Immersion Program Intern in the Krieger STEM Translational Communication Center,Tucker Department of Health Disparity Psychology Lab Intern, Social Media Executive Board Beyond 120 Young Professionals, Vice President Democracy Matters,UF Global Health Case Competition Team


Southern Legal Counsel

Research Interests

Strategic approaches to develop better communication and treatment of patients and addressing social disparities in the health care field. Making healthcare more accessible and equal for children, low-income, and minority patients

Hobbies and Interests

Taking care of and playing with my son Vincent, Cooking, Learning Spanish, Avid Coffee Drinker, Exercising, Health Related Research, Learning about our society and World.

Research Project

Utilizing a Comparative Analysis with Women’s and Men’s Perceptions in Why they Use Kratom

 “Utilizing a Comparative Analysis with Women and Men’s Perceptions and Uptake of Kratom” will explore associations between gender identity and why they use Kratom. Kratom is currently legal in the United States. Kratom is available through smoke shops and gas stations. It is usually prepared for direct consumption at tea/beverage bars. However, currently, there is little research of Kratom conducted among users such as whether kratom is addictive or know what other ingredients may be mixed in with kratom of Kratom conducted among users. The objective of this project is to examine gender differences in purpose or using Kratom. Noting and studying the preliminary data from the study Kratom Use Disorder Module: Development and Findings will allow better access to assessing Kratom use and use disorder. I can better define these responses and note and better equip the health care community on how the public health community understands kratom use disorder. Through my coding and analysis of the data, I can help advocate for increased gender-targeted strategies to identify characteristics of Kratom use disorder and understand why men and women start to use Kratom.