Ava Gomez

Student NameAva Gomez
Faculty Mentor NameEmrah Sahin
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MajorAnthropology and Geography
Research InterestsCultural anthropology, social anthropology, race relations, migration
Academic AwardsBright Futures Academic Scholars Award 2018, Hernando County Gator Club Scholarship 2018, Deans List 2019, University Scholars Program 2020, Ruth L. Pugsley Memorial Scholarship 2020
OrganizationsuFASA, UF Lambda Alpha, UF Navigator International Program, Gator Powerlifting, UF RecSports IM
Hobbies and InterestsSoccer, powerlifting, refereeing, traveling, and reading

Research Project

The Experiences of Mixed-Race Students on College Campuses and their Impact on the Self-Identification Process

This project aims to understand the challenges and obstacles that students of mixed-race encounter at the University of Florida, and how this affects their own perception of their identity. Over the next year, I will be conducting semi-structured interviews with other mixed-race students at UF using a questionnaire that my mentor and I have created. Some of the topics I will be focusing on include pre-college involvement, parenting, college involvement, friendship and social groups, and social media, and how these factors may or may not have an influence on the self-identification process of mixed-race college students. With these responses to our questionnaire, this research seeks to analyze the extent to which the interview subjects share common or different qualities to their self-reported multiracial identities, as well as hoping to contribute to our understanding of the conditions under which these qualities are fluid and when they prove resistant to change.