Bailee Wilson

Bailee Wilson


Robert Leeman


College of Health and Human Performance


Psychology and Linguistics




EDGE Laboratory

Academic Awards

University Scholars Program 2021



Research Interests

Addiction; specifically alcohol, nicotine, and other drug usage.

Hobbies and Interests

I really love all types of music as well as traveling to experience new cultures.

Research Project

Athletics and Alcohol Study

The project Dr. Leeman and I are working on is a secondary data analysis on our very own Alcohol and Athletics study where we will mainly focus on the rate of impaired control of alcohol use on game days (home and away) and non-game days at the University of Florida. This study will allow us to examine the extent to which participants follow their aforementioned alcohol consumption limits in real-time. We hypothesize that home games will exhibit more instances of high impaired control of alcohol consumption due to the thrilling atmosphere and high alcohol accessibility. We will also examine the correlation between the rate of impaired control of alcohol use and various characteristics of participants including age, gender, Greek life involvement, and race/ethnicity. Ultimately, we are trying to gain a sense of the rate of impaired control of alcohol use among different groups and situations in order to examine what leads to negative alcohol-related consequences.