Bhuvaneshwari Venkataramanan

Bhuvaneshwari Venkataramanan


Dr. Peter DiGennaro


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Biochemistry & General Psychology




Sigma Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc., Multicultural Greek Council, Indian Student Association

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Research Interests

Entomology and Nematology

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Research Project

Survey of Nematode Infestation in Mosquito Larvae

Although parasitic in nature, nematodes are efficient organisms that could potentially be utilized to develop organic pesticides and insect repellants. There is considerable interest in methods of controlling vector-borne diseases because of the pathogenic nature of these biological vectors and the lethal impact they have on mammalian hosts. Understanding the physiology and toxicology of insects that cause vector-borne diseases can effectively control insect population and reduce transmission of diseases. Beneficial nematodes have been strong biological control agents that can remove harmful pests whilst also preserving non-target insects that form mutualistic relations with other organisms. In this project, nematode infestation of mosquito larvae is surveyed around Gainesville. By identifying areas with infected mosquitoes, further research can be done to extract nematodes and research on how they can be lethal to mosquito larvae. This provides the implication that there can be an organic biocontrol agent found in nematodes to eradicate mosquito populations that carry deadly diseases.