Brittany Rein

Brittany Rein


Dr. Katherine Thompson-Witrick


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Microbiology and Cell Science




President, ASM Gators 2020-2021

Academic Awards

2018-2019 Academic Excellence Award,Florida Pathways S-Stem Scholarship


Delivery Driver for Gainesville Free Grocery Store

Research Interests

Microbiology, bioinformatics, food systems, climate change

Hobbies and Interests

Drawing, biking, hiking, foraging/ mycology, bird watching, gardening, swimming, kayaking, weight lifting.

Research Project

Quantifying Genetic Change in Yeast Cell Colonies During Serial Pitching in Sour Beer

Kettle soured beers differ from traditional fermentation styles in that the wort’s pH is dropped prior to pitching the yeast. In recent years the popularity of soured beer has dramatically increased, but the effects of industrial-scale soured beer production on yeast have yet to be examined as they have with other fermentation methods. Our goal is to perform a genetic analysis to better understand how the acidified fermentation environment in sour beer production effects changes in yeast genetics. We expect there to be changes in colony morphology compared to non-acidified fermentations; therefore, we hypothesize that changes in the flavor compounds being produced in the fermentation of serial pitching in soured beer could be attributed to changes in the genetic composition of yeast colonies that occur during the fermentation process.