Student NameBrooke Bernstein
Faculty Mentor NameJoyce Bono
CollegeWarrington College of Business
MajorBusiness Administration General Studies with a Specialization in Neurobiology
Research InterestsBusiness, Science, Technology, Policy, & Social Change
OrganizationsLuminaries (Honors Program Official Ambassadors), Gatorloop, TEDxUF
Hobbies and InterestsVolunteering, Art, Reading, Cooking, Gardening & Exploring

Research Project

Association of Values and Work Motivation

In general, the research project Professor Bono and I propose has the aim of finding an association between values and work motivation. To our knowledge, this association has yet to be identified and documented in research literature. If our research finds an association, it could help guide organizations and their process of selecting the best employees. More specifically, the objective of our project is to find a potential association between the ten values identified by Shalom H. Schwartz in his research and work motivational values. Schwartz’ ten values, known as the Theory of Basic values, includes the values of stimulation, self-direction, universalism, benevolence, conformity, tradition, security, power, achievement, and hedonism. We will experimentally approach this problem by collecting data through a survey that asks participants, among other things, to answer questions from the Schwartz Values Survey and Barrick et al.’s Motivational Orientation Inventory and then use data analysis software to find a potential correlation.