Caitlin Field

Caitlin Field


James M. Davidson, PhD


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Anthropology, Psychology


Health Disparities in Society


Omega Phi Alpha, Habitat for Humanity

Academic Awards

President's Honor Roll (Spring 2019, Summer 2019, Spring 2020), Dean's List


Omega Phi Alpha (service director), Habitat for Humanity

Research Interests

Forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology

Hobbies and Interests

Crochet, sewing, reading

Research Project

The Multivalent Meanings of Shoes within Historic American Mortuary Contexts (1702 to the early 20th century)

Mortuary sites provide an interesting opportunity to study the people interred in them. As it is so aptly put, “What could be more universal than death?” (Huntington and Metcalf 1979). Within folk literature, shoes have often been viewed as potentially ritualized objects and were often transformed into supernatural paraphernalia. I’m conducting a study looking at the inclusion of shoes in mortuary contexts in the United States across race/ethnicity, space, time, and age at death cohorts. Specifically, I will be concentrating on the economic, gendered, and cosmological significance of shoes in these contexts with a special focus on their meanings within and between these specific cultural groups.