Student NameCarlos Alfonzo
Faculty Mentor NameDr. Mark Flannery
CollegeWarrington College of Business
Research InterestsAutomation, Securities Regulation, Valuation
Academic AwardsDean's List
OrganizationsStudent Finance Group
Hobbies and InterestsReading, Soccer, Traveling

Research Project

The Influence of Autonomous Vehicles on Insurers, Transportation Companies, and Commuters

This research project will analyze the effects that self-driving cars will have on the way people conduct business and commute. The project will highlight how insurance companies are adapting to self-driving cars regarding changes in liability, the rate of accidents, and insurance premiums.
Transportation companies and the logistics departments of companies that transport goods will also be affected by autonomous vehicles. Trucks that are tracked and drive at a predesigned route without the need of a driver will affect delivery times and labor costs.
People that commute to work will also be affected by self-driving cars. I will explore how commuters could use their vehicles as an additional source of income through car-sharing while they are at work. I will also investigate whether self-driving cars might impact car ownership.
Lastly, I will delve further into the sustainability of car manufacturers’ business models. Depending on how self-driving cars affect car ownership, these companies may have to adjust how they operate and the types of goods and services they offer to consumers.
I will aim to answer questions regarding the economic impact, utility, and the risk that autonomous vehicles pose to consumers and companies.