Student NameHana Cicevic
Faculty Mentor NameSarah Gamble
CollegeCollege of Design, Construction, and Planning
MinorGerman Language
Research InterestsArchitecture, refugee-camp design, sustainable architecture
Academic AwardsShelby Davis Scholarship, USP 2017/2018
OrganizationsNational Organization of Minority Architects, Balkan Student Association, Habitat for Humanity, UF Honors
Hobbies and InterestsPainting, drawing, riding a bike

Research Project

Research and Design of Culturally Sensitive Refugee Housing

According to the data from March 2018, there are 65.6 million people around the world who were forced to leave their homes because of their ethnicity, religion, social affiliation or race. The refugee crisis is not a new or unknown phenomenon, as forcible human migrations occurred numerous times throughout the history. Yet, our society has failed to develop permanent and replicable strategies for accommodating refugee populations in a sustainable way. Modern refugee camps rarely take into consideration the cultural components of refuges’ lives such is the desire for the close community. This will be the focus of this research based on the belief that architects have both professional and moral obligation to use their expert knowledge and design skills to increase the life quality in refugee camps. Overall, this study will aim to answer several crucial and debatable questions: How can architectural design of refugee housing contribute towards dignifying cultural experience of its inhabitants? How can a well-designed architectural relationship between neighboring refugee housing units increase the overall sense of community?