Student NameCarrie (CJ) Kaplan
Faculty Mentor NameYanping Tu
CollegeWarrington College of Business
MinorMass Communication
Research InterestsConsumer Behavior, Social Media Influencers, Artificial Intelligence, E-Commerce
Academic AwardsDean's List
OrganizationsAmerican Marketing Association, UF in London Study Abroad & Internship, Employee at RecSports and Reitz Union Game Room, Delta Zeta Sorority,
Hobbies and InterestsExercise, travel and the outdoors!

Research Project

Social Network Influence on Consumer Behavior

Social networking is comprised of connecting people over an online platform. This connection can happen between people that have previous relationships such as friends and family, and even with strangers. As a result, people are now more connected and exposed to more information about the world than ever before. Due to the fact that people are connecting with strangers online, social media influencers are a new growing trend in society. Consumers trust micro (small following) and macro (large following) online influencers and their suggestions to products. Often, these influencers have a consumer following that relies on their content for purchase recommendations, ignoring individual opinion.

Through this research project, I want to discover the trends between social networking and consumer behavior. My approach is to look at the different ads and content that people see on social media and whether that influences a consumer’s decision to make a purchase. I want to track the relationship between social media content and the process it takes to reach end sales. In addition, I will compare the results from these trends to see if people trust micro vs. macro influencers more and the impact these influencers can make on the success of a product.