Student NameChadwick Gaspard
Faculty Mentor NameTrent Williams Jr.
CollegeCollege of Arts
Academic AwardsMelanie Hayes Leonard Opportunity Scholarship for Dance; Friends of Theatre and Dance Summer Scholarship
OrganizationsMOD Dance Ensemble, Dance in A Suitcase (DIAS)
Research InterestsDance history and theory, Development of a teaching pedagogy, and intersections of different cultures
Hobbies and InterestsDance, photography, music, and art

Research Project

The Rubberband Movement

My research will involve going to Montreal and attending the dance portion of the art intensive “Domaine Forget” studying the “Rubberband technique” created by choreographer, Victor Quijada. His creative work includes fusing Western/European concepts and movements with street dance/urban dance forms. I plan to interview him and collect data on his creative research to see what made him to decide to combine Western/ European concepts/street dance forms together in his pedagogical approach.
I will use this information as creative research to development and create a dance film, The Rubberband Movement, to bridge the gap that exists in the scholarly realm and to shed light between street/urban dance and contemporary/concert dance. In the end, I will create a dance film with the research I will have done.