Student NameChristian Anderkin
Faculty Mentor NameMichael Perfit
CollegeLiberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsMeteoritics, mantle chemistry, asteroidal science
OrganizationsField Trip Coordinator - UF Geoclub, Treasurer - AAPG, Treasurer - SEG
Hobbies and InterestsLooking at rocks, classifying meteorites, making transition metal salts, going camping

Research Project

Probing Geochemical Variation of Seamounts at the East Pacific Rise

I am examining the geochemistry of seafloor basalts collected in December of 2018 to provide higher resolution to the spatially and temporally dependent variation of lavas erupted at the East Pacific Rise, a mid ocean ridge spreading center. This examination will provide a better understanding of the chemical reservoirs that underlay mid ocean ridge systems, and the mechanisms that affect their chemistry before they are delivered to the surface.