Student NameChristopher Vairogs
Faculty Mentor NameSelman Hershfield
CollegeLiberal Arts and Sciences
MajorMathematics, Physics
Research InterestsCondensed Matter Physics, Quantum Information Science, Mathematical and Computational Physics
Academic AwardsUF Presidential Scholarship
OrganizationsSociety of Physics Students
Hobbies and InterestsReading, Guitar, History

Research Project

Semiclassical Paths of Electrons in Weyl Metals

Weyl metals are a recently discovered class of materials with atypical properties. In the energy range of experimental interest, the energy of an electron in a Weyl metal is determined by its spin and momentum. This implies that its spin and momentum are strongly coupled, an unusual property. This study aims to understand effects of this coupling by analyzing the semiclassical motion of electrons in Weyl metals. The semiclassical model of electron dynamics yields a set of differential equations for electron position, spin, and momentum which will be solved numerically and studied analytically. Once these nontrivial semiclassical paths are understood, they will be used to compute material properties.