Student NameClaire Hiaasen
Faculty Mentor NameAndrew Altieri
CollegeCollege of Environmental Engineering
MinorMarine Science
Research InterestsCorals, Relationship between multiple shallow water habitats (reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds), fish populations of Florida flats (biscayne bay area)
OrganizationsBob Graham Civic Scholars
Volunteer WorkPreviously volunteered at Frost Science Museum as part of an internship program.
Hobbies and InterestsFishing, diving, drawings, playing videogames.

Why I got involved with research

Interested in pursuing Marine Biology as a career, excited to help with research

Research Project

Assessing the Threat of Hypoxia to Tropical Ecosystems: A Multi-Stressor Framework to Support Coral Restoration Efforts

The proposed study will facilitate coral conservation by providing an understanding of the threat of hypoxia to corals in a multi-stressor context through three complementary research objectives: Establishing the state of knowledge and management needs of the hypoxia threat to coral reefs, assessing variation in the functional response of corals to hypoxia in a multi-stressor framework, and qualifying the relationship between coral performance and natural variation in oxygen and other water quality variables in a restoration context. These goals will be accomplished by synthesizing current research on hypoxia and identifying knowledge gaps, which will then be closed using laboratory research. The results will be applied to current outcropping sites to mitigate the effect of multi-stressor events.