Clara Martucci

Student NameClara Martucci
Faculty Mentor NameBradley Walters
CollegeCollege of Design, Construction, and Planning
MinorLandscape Architecture
Research InterestsArchitectural Acoustics, Lighting, Urban Public Spaces, Performing Arts
Academic AwardsFlorida Bright Futures Academic Scholarship (2017 – Present)
DCP Dean’s List (Fall 2017 – Present)
University Scholars Program 2020/21
OrganizationsDCP Ambassadors, Architrave
Hobbies and InterestsMusical Theater, Music, Performing Arts, Urban Sketching

Research Project

Designing Cities Through Sound: A Comparative Study of Urban Spaces and Soundscapes?

Sound surrounds us. How we perceive and respond to our acoustical environments is key to our experience of a space. But for some reason, it is often the most overlooked element in the design process. Many designers consider the visual aspects of a building without considering impacts on the acoustic environment. Soundscapes, however, are crucial to developing our sense of place. How we interpret auditory sensations can lead to either positive or negative feelings regarding that specific place. I am particularly intrigued by how architectural acoustics can have an impact on urban spaces. It’s one thing to consider interior acoustics but by analyzing how these elements of sound work together, how can we, as designers, shape urban spaces through sound to create diverse acoustic environments? Which cities have acoustically successful spaces, and which do not? How do cities express musicality? The main objective of my research is to analyze the spatial qualities of the acoustic environments of different cities in the United States and Europe to identify how certain urban spaces can be improved to have more diverse and captivating soundscapes.