Student NameConnor Tringali
Faculty Mentor NameMasanori Fujimoto
CollegeInstitute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
MajorMicrobiology and Cell Sciences
Research InterestsMicrobial Ecology, Environmental Sustainability
Academic AwardsEmerging Scholars
OrganizationsGator Biomimicry Club
VolunteeringLubee Bat Concervancy
Hobbies and InterestsDungeons and Dragon, Biking, Archery

Why I got involved in research:

I have been interested in aquatic microbial ecology after my involvement in larger scale ecology and sustainability.

Research Project

Identification of Microbial Communities in Deep Freshwater Environments

This project seeks to identify what forms of microbial life exits in the greatest depths of Floridian freshwater lakes. Focusing on the anoxic conditions of the lower depths, identification of the microorganisms that are present may help to increase our understanding of the ecological processes that are preformed in such anoxic conditions.