Student NameCorinne Evans
Faculty Mentor NameDr. David Fedele
CollegeCollege of Public Health and Health Professions
MinorHealth Disparities in Society
Research InterestsPediatric sickle cell disease management, pediatric oncology, and child and caregiver coping in type 1 diabetes
Academic AwardsCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dean's List Fall 2016- Present, Florida Academic Scholars Award, Anderson Scholar Award
OrganizationsStudent Honors Organization, Streetlight, Floridance
Hobbies and InterestsI enjoy dancing, goat yoga, and going to the beach with family and friends.

Research Project

Caregiver Coping and Clinic Attendance in Pediatric Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is the most common genetic disorder in the United States, primarily affecting minority youth. The treatment regimen for SCD includes multiple therapies which increases burdens on families. One determinant of SCD management is caregiver coping. Additionally, clinic attendance in SCD populations should be examined as it has been a predictor of effective disease management in similar populations (i.e., pediatric diabetes). Effective caregiver coping may be a target for improving clinic attendance in SCD. The proposed project aims to determine the relationship between caregiver coping and clinic attendance in pediatric SCD. Participating caregivers will complete the Responses to Stress Questionnaire-Sickle Cell Disease (RSQ-SD) which assesses responses to SCD related-stress. Clinic attendance rates for each participant will be collected from UF Health’s electronic medical record system. SCD research remains under-funded and under-studied compared to other less prevalent diseases. As a student studying health disparities in society, I am pursuing research that leads to better management of a disease that does not enjoy the attention that other pediatric diseases receive. The results of this study could provide valuable information for the development of clinical interventions aimed at improving caregiver coping to increase clinic attendance and improve pediatric SCD management.