Craft Talbot

Craft Talbot


Dr. Brian Ray


Warrington College of Business


Business Management




Florida Cicerones; Business Ethics Ambassadors; Business Ethics Case Competition Team; Career & Peer Mentors; Florida Leadership Academy; Freshman Leadership Council; Student Conduct Committee

Academic Awards

Bright Futures, University Scholars Program


Alachua County Public Schools

Research Interests

Management theories

Hobbies and Interests

Piano, Hiking, Biking, Reading, Journaling, Travelling, and Geography (all things maps and history).

Research Project

How to Preserve Team Culture and Keep Employees Engaged in Our Ever Changing Society, and in Turn, Decrease Turnover Rates

Rising turnover rates and an increase in “burnout” syndrome has become a very prevalent issue in the modern workforce. Now, after a year of a virtual work environment, I want to research how the virtual environment is either helping or further hindering this issue. Specifically, I want to incorporate in these 4 main facets…

  1. The impact of virtual teams on team culture, employee engagement, and mentorship, especially for junior employees
    1. What certain aspects of a team cannot be replicated online?
    2. How is the online environment negatively or positively impacting junior employees?
    3. What aspects of team cohesion are lacking due to this virtual environment, that you simply cannot recreate in an online platform?
  2. A Financial Perspective
    1. The cost benefit analysis of businesses owning or leasing significant office space. Does this cost still make sense, after teams have been online for over a year?
    2. What productivity occurs amongst the 4 walls of a physically office space, that cannot be replicated virtually.
  3. The growing preference of working from home.
    1. What percent of employees will even be interested in coming back to a physical office, and is this a feasible future to invest in.
    2. The benefits seen from working from home.
    3. The costs in working from home.
    4. How does working from home combat or increase burnout syndrome.
  4. Future tools and innovation that will increase the virtual team capacity.
    1. What tools have yet to be discovered that will allow us to maintain a similar level of employee comradery that we so strongly value?
    2. Even though legacy employees may be convinced that in person is the best route, what solutions are on the horizon to make an even greater impact in this arena.
  5. Overarching Ideas to address
    1. How have teams suffered my working remote
    2. How have teams benefitted from working remote
    3. Combating the ever-present rise of burnout syndrome
    4. Balancing work and mental health in an age of increasing mental health issues.
    5. How do we maintain a strong culture, the work environment in a virtual setting?
    6. Time in the office and teamwork and comradery developed through that is a strong contributing factor to team success.