Student NameDavid Dominguez
Faculty Mentor NameRaluca Mateescu
CollegeCollege of Agricultural and Life Sciences
MajorAnimal Sciences
Research InterestsGenetics and Animal Science related projects
OrganizationsI'm in the Pre-Vet club as well as UF's professional club Block and Bridle
Hobbies and InterestsMy favorite hobby is nature photography, I love going out into nature and capturing amazing moments.

Research Project

Finding the Slick Gene in Brangus Cattle

This year I will be researching a thermo-tolerance gene that might be in Brangus cattle. The purpose of the thermo-tolerance gene is to create cattle found in extreme climates, such as Florida, more efficient and henceforth providing more food for the growing population around the world. The gene I will specifically be researching is called Slick. The gene The gene was found first in Senepol cattle so the goal is to determine if this gene in particular is in some Brangus heifers. This gene affects hair length and sleekness, because those traits aid in thermos-regulation for the animals. The reason this issue needs to be resolved is because heat stress can cause problems for cattle such as lower meat quality, reduced dry matter intake, lower productivity, stunted growth of young calves, and lower amounts of milk produced in Holsteins. Furthermore, pinpointing a gene that would make dairy cows and beef cattle more efficient would be beneficial to farmers and consumers