Drew Fenner

Student NameDrew Fenner
Faculty Mentor NameAmie Kreppel, PhD
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MajorPolitical Science
MinorEuropean Union Studies
Research InterestsEuropean Union, EU Institutions/Institutional Architecture, Regional Integration, Foreign Policy
Academic AwardsFlorida Academic Scholar 2017 – Present
Jean Monnet Student Travel Award 2019
Undergraduate Research Travel Grant (University of Pittsburgh) 2019
UFIC Merit Scholarship 2019
Anderson Scholar with Highest Distinction 2019
University Scholars Program 2020
OrganizationsFlorida Cicerones
Hobbies and InterestsTennis, Gastronomy, Music (R&B), Modern Art Museums

Research Project

The Making of “EU in the World”: The Role of the European Parliament?

Contrary to the realist paradigm, “power” is more diverse and complex than just security and defense policy. This is especially true for the EU, as the mass of its international influence derives from economic power rather than military power. Leveraging its weight as the globe’s wealthiest economy, the EU engages economic instruments to project a variety of foreign policy ambitions. Despite such instruments falling under the purview of the Ordinary Legislative Procedure (OLP), discussions of EU international influence still orbit around the Commission and Council while excluding the European Parliament (EP).

To fill this gap, this project examines the ability of the EP to shape EU external policy. This project is motivated by a desire to challenge the predominance of the realist view that EU external affairs are a solely intergovernmental, unicameral institution. By broadening the political and institutional landscape, this research aims to provide an academic framework for understanding how the “institutional DNA” of the EU’s foreign policy regime features a robust supranational element.