Duncan Ross

Student NameDuncan Ross
Faculty Mentor NameSanaz Motamedi
CollegeHerbert Wertheim College of Engineering
MajorIndustrial and Systems Engineering
MinorComputer Science
Research InterestsL3+ Autonomous vehicles, takeover tasks, trolley dilemma
Academic AwardsSHPE National Scholar … May 2019, College of Engineering Dean’s List…. May 2019, HSF National Scholar… August 2019, USP.. January 2020
OrganizationsSHPE, IISE
Hobbies and InterestsN/A

Research Project

Human Performance under Partial Driving Automation and Transcranial Stimulation?

With the rise in usage of autonomous vehicles, human reaction time and manual take-over timing has become critical to avoid catastrophic events. It is crucial to investigate the synergy between human and partially automated driving. Thus, we can begin to address fundamental questions to understand the process of human-system integration. Our main research goal is to monitor, evaluate, and improve human performance and driving safety in partially automated driving. Specifically, I aim to address the following research questions:
1) How do different levels of driving automation impact human performance of manual take-over when humans are engaged in other, non-driving related tasks?
2) How do different levels of automation impact the driver’s physiology (e.g. induce stress, modify level of situational awareness, etc.), and how do they affect performance (e.g., take-over time, subjective measures, etc.)?