Student NameDylan Bloyer
Faculty Mentor NameSriram Kalyanaraman
CollegeCollege of Journalism and Communications
MajorComputer Science
Research InterestsVirtual Reality and Psychology
Academic AwardsHerbert Wertheim College of Engineering Dean’s List: Spring 2017, Fall 2018
Hobbies and InterestsVirtual Reality, Religion, Music

Research Project

Virtual Verdancy: Examining the Psychological Effects of Nature in VR

The project seeks to test the psychological effects of immersion into virtually verdant experiences. Multiple virtual environments will be created featuring settings with varying amounts of verdancy. Participants will experience one of the setting, chosen at random. Assessments of their psychological and emotional responses to the experience will be made during and after their participation in the experience. The data collected through the responses of the participants will be compared to data collected from a control group of participants that will experience real-world green spaces.