Student NameElizabeth Aleong
Faculty Mentor NameCarolina Maciel
CollegeCollege of Medicine
MajorMicrobiology and Cell Sciences
Research InterestsMedicine, Stroke, Improving Patient Outcomes
Academic AwardsEmerging Scholar's Program, Dean's List, President's Honor Roll
OrganizationsPhi Delta Epsilon
Volunteer WorkFIT for All, Hospital Volunteer
Hobbies and InterestsPlay soccer, horseback ride, travel

Why I got involved with research

My profound interest for research lies with my goal for the future, improving patient outcomes. I wanted to join a research project that would impact the lives of patients by improving their chance for life. By exploring research, I have learned more about the anatomy of the human body as well as the proper treatments associated with it. I wanted to participate in research because of the opportunity to help save lives during my undergraduate career on my path to pursue medicine.

Research Project

SPIN (Self-fulfilling Prophecy Bias in Neuroprognostication) – Ischemic Stroke

SPIN seeks to improve the functional outcome of patients by predicting a neuroprognostication for those who have suffered from ischemic stroke. Currently, there is no evidence-based, standard set of predictions that can indicate their patient outcomes after stroke. It is solely based on a biased opinion, indicating a major gap in the evidence-based era of medicine that is responsible for the viability and functional outcome of these patients. Without proper guidelines to follow, neuromedicine doctors utilize their own bias in conducting research pertaining to neuroprognostication, putting survivors at risk.The research that I have been conducting is a systematic review involving neuroprognostication in hopes of mitigating adverse outcomes for survivors of ischemic stroke. This project will ultimately save lives.