Elizabeth Chmielewski

Elizabeth Chmielewski


Dr. Tracy Scheffler, Ph.D.


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Animal Sciences


Agricultural Communications


American Meat Science Association, UF Danza, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Academic Awards

: Family and Friends Scholarship (Hyatt Hotels), Larry E. Eubanks Scholarship, University Scholar



Research Interests

Meat and Muscle Biology

Hobbies and Interests

Dance, Hiking, Meat Judging

Research Project

“How the Varying OCR’s of Post-Mortem Muscle in Both Brahman and Angus Cattle Affect the Myoglobin Redox State of Meat?”

The purpose of my research is to determine the efficiency which both Brahman and Angus cattle utilize new energy, introduced into the system of post-mortem meat, for mitochondrial activity and respiration, as well as how this change in activity affect’s the meat’s ability to maintain a bright cherry red color. Oxygen consumption rate and metmyoglobin reducing activity will be measured to understand how these factors affect the muscle’s myoglobin redox state. Energy substrates, such as lactate, NAD, and LHD will also be measured to further understand how these factors ultimately affect the varying level of oxygen consumption in the post-mortem meat of both Brahman and Angus cattle.