Elizabeth Courey

Elizabeth Courey


Deepthi Varma, PhD


College of Public Health and Health Professions


Public Health




HealthStreet Community Health Worker, Delta Phi Epsilon, Lebanese American Society at UF

Academic Awards

President's Honor Roll, Florida Academic Scholar



Research Interests

Social and Behavioral Sciences, Health Disparities, Maternal and Child Health

Hobbies and Interests

hiking, going to the beach, cooking

Research Project

Understanding barriers to breastfeeding among Black/African American women in the North Central Florida Area

The decision to start and continue breastfeeding is one that benefits the long-term health of both children and mothers. This decision can be made difficult by barriers such as unsupportive work and childcare environments, unsupportive clinical practices, lack of education about breastfeeding, concerns about milk supply, and unsupportive cultural, familial, and social contexts. There is a widespread gap in breastfeeding rates between White and Black/African American mothers. This project seeks to understand barriers to breastfeeding through a qualitative Focus Group Discussion with 25-30 women who attend the women’s clinic at UF Shands. The data is being collected in a clinical setting so findings can be applied in a clinical setting to foster more supportive breastfeeding practices, which will in turn improve the health of children and mothers.