Emily An

Emily An


Dr. Ellen Martin


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Marine Science


Geology, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation


UF Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Marine Biology Club, Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP), UF Honors Program

Academic Awards

Benacquisto Scholarship, UF National Merit Scholarship, STEMSEAS alumna, University Scholars Program 2021


Coach of Gainesville-4H high school National Ocean Sciences Bowl team

Research Interests

Polar oceanography, climate science, paleoceanography, conservation marine ecology, invertebrate disease ecology, sustainability & environmental education

Hobbies and Interests

Hiking, scuba diving, nature photography, music

Research Project

Impact of Greenland Ice Sheet Retreat on Sr Isotopic Variability

For my project I will be conducting analyses of strontium isotopic values in stream water samples of proglacial and nonglacial streams of southwest Greenland. My project will aim to further our understanding of how Sr isotopes are impacted by ice sheet fluctuations and changes in weathering through the analysis of Sr isotopes associated with present day ice sheet retreat in stream waters. The overall objective of my project is to link variations in Sr isotopes due to ice sheet retreat with variations in the North Atlantic marine sediment record in order to better understand the historical dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet over time.