Emma Nabbie

Emma Nabbie


Dr. Elizabeth Lada


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences






UF Astronomy & Astrophysics Society, oSTEM Florida

Academic Awards

Benacquisto Scholarship 2018, Florida Academic Scholars Award 2018, Dean’s List 2018-2020, University Scholars Program 2021



Research Interests

Star formation, galaxy evolution

Hobbies and Interests

Reading, music, traveling

Research Project

Investigation of the Relationship Between the Properties of Circumstellar Disks and Their Parent Stars

My project will focus on investigating the properties of circumstellar disks in young clusters. These disks serve as the epicenter of planetary formation, and thus their properties could put constraints on the types of planetary systems that could arise. Since clusters contain a diverse population of stars confined to a relatively small area, they allow us to study how the properties of disks correlate with the properties of their progenitor stars such as temperature, mass, and age. I plan to analyze existing infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope and millimeter wavelength data from the IRAM Telescope to investigate the relation between the inner and outer disks of stars in very young clusters such as NGC2071 and NGC2068.