Erin Wright

Erin Wright


Dr. Hannah Alarian


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Political Science and Women's Studies



Academic Awards

O'Neill Excellence Scholar, Junior Fellows Program, Dean's List, President's Honor Roll, also published in the Gainesville Sun


I am on the Executive Board of the Women's Student Association at UF , and I also work at Opus Coffee as a barista. I am also a member of the “MBA” Program for College Women; Kaayam Foundation.


I volunteer with the League of Women Voters on the Voter Services Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. I also work on local campaigns, as well as for the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office during election seasons.

Research Interests

Women and Politics; Armed Forces, Conflict, and Peacekeeping

Hobbies and Interests

I like to travel to national parks with my sisters, hike, read, make coffee, paint

Research Project

The Gendered Immigrant Economy

This project aims to determine if the occupation in which a female immigrant seeks employment affects natives’ attitudes toward her. Using a survey-experimental design, we seek to assess whether the gender-(non)conforming nature of an occupation affects the general attitudes citizens form about her.