Erin Wright

Erin Wright


Dr. Hannah Alarian


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Political Science and Women's Studies




I am on the Executive Board of the Women's Student Association at UF , and I also work at Opus Coffee as a barista. I am also a member of the “MBA” Program for College Women; Kaayam Foundation.

Academic Awards

O'Neill Excellence Scholar, Junior Fellows Program, Dean's List, President's Honor Roll, also published in the Gainesville Sun


I volunteer with the League of Women Voters on the Voter Services Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. I also work on local campaigns, as well as for the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections office during election seasons.

Research Interests

Women and Politics; Armed Forces, Conflict, and Peacekeeping

Hobbies and Interests

I like to travel to national parks with my sisters, hike, read, make coffee, paint

Research Project

The Gendered Immigrant Economy

This project aims to determine if the occupation in which a female immigrant seeks employment affects natives’ attitudes toward her. Using a survey-experimental design, we seek to assess whether the gender-(non)conforming nature of an occupation affects the general attitudes citizens form about her.