Frenki Bylyku

Student NameFrenki Bylyku
Faculty Mentor NameHyo Kang
CollegeCollege of the Arts
MajorDigital Arts and Sciences
MinorComputer Science
Research Interests3D Modeling
Academic AwardsBright Futures (2016-2020)
Pell Grant (2016 – 2018)
Paul & Franklin Hariette Scholarship (2018-2020)
University Scholars Program (2020)
OrganizationsOpen Source Club (2016)
Solar Gators Club (2017-2018)
Hobbies and InterestsBiology, animation, gaming, production of media

Research Project

VR Simulation As A Research Tool For Social And Behavioral Studies?

This project aims to conduct research on the behaviors of individuals in stores. This behavior includes, but is not limited to: shoplifting and other crimes, preference towards certain products, and more. This will be accomplished by simulating a believable environment through virtual reality (VR). The store is created by modeling and texturing various objects that would normally be located in the store (in this case it is Home Depot), and then arranging them in a layout that the store would have. Once the store is assembled and implemented in VR, participants will use VR gear, and features such as eye-tracking will be used to gather data as well as user feedback to collect information for research.