Gabriela Pinero-Crespo

Gabriela Pinero-Crespo


Dr. Heather Brockway and Dr. Helen Jones


College of Medicine






Latino Medical Student Association, Delta Zeta

Academic Awards

UF Presidential Scholarship, President's Honor Roll, Dean's List for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


Children's Medical Services, Shands Hospital

Research Interests

The role of the placenta in preterm birth

Hobbies and Interests

Medicine, Tennis, Sewing, Ceramics

Research Project

Assessing Pregnancy Specific Glycoprotein (PSGs) function in placenta using CRISPR interference methodology

Abnormal placental function has been linked with preterm birth, and although the exact mechanism is not clear, it is known that placental gene expression differs between preterm and normal term placentas. PSGs are the most highly expressed proteins in the placenta, but their exact function has yet to be determined. We hypothesize that the PSGs play a key role in placental development which determines pregnancy outcome. To test this hypothesis, I will be using CRISPR interference methodology to knockout the PSG locus, and assess this loss of function to determine their role in placental trophoblasts.