Gabrielle Gorwitz

Gabrielle Gorwitz


Wendy Dahl, Ph.D.


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Nutritional Sciences




College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Leadership Institute, Pre-Pharmacy Society, Dance Marathon, Acts of Random Kindness, In-the-Nutri-Know

Academic Awards

UF Honors Program (2018-Present), Deans List, Bright Futures Scholar (Florida Academic Scholars level), Broward County Gator Club Scholarship Recipient, University Scholars Program 2021


UF Health Shands, I Care I Cure, UF Chemistry Outreach

Research Interests

Nutritional sciences, medicine, gut microbiota, pharmacy

Hobbies and Interests

Physical fitness, reading, traveling, cooking

Research Project

Diet quality and gut microbiota composition of individuals with kidney failure.

The progressive loss of kidney function leads to an accumulation of uremic molecules which contribute to further progression of the disease and reduced quality of life (Rossi et al., 2013; Vaziri et al., 2016). Due to disease-related restrictions, individuals with kidney failure may not meet dietary recommendations, particularly an adequate intake of dietary fiber (Camerotto et al., 2019). Gut microbiota composition may be affected by low fiber intake, progressing to a state of dysbiosis, which may increase the production of microbial-generated uremic molecules.

The aim of this cross-sectional study is to explore the relationships between diet quality, fecal microbiota composition, and serum levels of uremic molecules in individuals with kidney failure. Diet quality, microbiota composition, and blood levels of uremic molecules will be assessed using the Dietary Screening Tool (DST), 16S rRNA gene amplicon sequencing, and LC-MS/MS methodology, respectively.