Grethel Aguila

Student NameGrethel Aguila
Faculty Mentor NameYoussef Haddad
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
MajorArabic, Journalism
Research InterestsArabic sociolinguistics, Media Arabic, Darija (Moroccan Arabic), Arab society, Arabic dialects
Academic AwardsJohn V. Lombardi Scholar
OrganizationsThe Independent Florida Alligator, Students Organize for Syria, Graham Center Student Fellows, CLAS Student Council
Hobbies and Interestsreading, writing, photography, traveling, discussing current events

Research Project

Codeswitching in Arabic-language media?

With a complex diglossic and sociolinguistic landscape, codeswitching, the use of two or more language varieties simultaneously, plays an important role in Arab society. This study seeks to listen, transcribe, and analyze Arabic-language broadcasts from different areas of the Middle East and North Africa. State media from different countries, such as Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and a pan-Arab medium, such as the BBC, Al Jazeera, and Al Arabiya, will be analyzed. The intent is to investigate codeswitching patterns in different broadcasts and local/national and pan-Arab media.