Hannah Williams

Student NameHannah Williams
Faculty Mentor NameTerzian, Sevan Ph.D.
CollegeCollege of Education
MajorHistory & Education Sciences
Research InterestsHistory of education; Folklore studies; Religious studies
Academic AwardsMorrison Foundation Scholarship (2017), Military Family Support Trust Scholarship (2017), Silver Garland Award for Citizenship (2017), Daniel J. Koleos Scholarship (2019), CLAS Scholar (2019), Beyond120 Field Study Award (2020), College of Education Scholarship (2020), The University Women’s Club First Lady Scholarship (2020), & University Scholars Program (2020)
OrganizationsProject Makeover
Hobbies and InterestsMy hobbies include playing piano, writing, reading, and cooking.

Research Project

Federal Agendas and Racial Inequalities in Gifted Education: A Historical Analysis?

The purpose of this study is to identify the relationship between race/ class and American gifted education during the latter half of the twentieth-century. Specifically, how and why did the federal government of the United States address the nature and importance of gifted education in the late 1960s and 1970s? And to what extent did the federal government’s stance on gifted education reflect its recent educational initiatives for national security and equality of educational opportunity?