Henry Hill

Student NameHenry Hill
Faculty Mentor NameSergey Klimenko, PhD
CollegeCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Research InterestsGravitaional Waves
Academic AwardsNational Merit Finalist – 2018
University Scholars Program – 2020
OrganizationsUF Quizbowl
Hobbies and InterestsTabletop Gaming, Sci-Fi Literature, Opera and Musicals.

Research Project

Three-Dimensional Imaging of Gravitational Waves?

Gravitational Waves are a phenomenon of space-time first predicted by Einstein in his theory of General Relativity, they were first detected by the LIGO observatory in 2015. The data from LIGO is converted into time-signals, which contain the gravitational wave signal and also background noise. This data needs to be transformed, and this is usually done using a time-frequency transform, which allows the evolution of frequencies with respect to time to be visualized. There is a lower limit on the sensitivity in the time and frequency domains, and so increasing the frequency resolution necessarily decreases the time resolution and vice-versa. Usually this data is visualized in a two-dimensional image, but my research goal is to create a three-dimensional representation of the data, so multiple resolutions can be visualized in the same representation.