Student NameIan Culver
Faculty Mentor NameShawn Christensen
CollegeCALS (Department of Plant Pathology)
MajorMicrobiology and Cell Sciences
Research InterestsSynthetic Biology, Genetics, Antimicrobials, Host-Pathogen Interactions
Academic AwardsFlorida Bright Futures
OrganizationsASM Gators
Hobbies and InterestsDIY projects, Hydroponics, Fermentation, Horticulture

Why I got involved with research

I intend to go to graduate school and would like to get some research experience under my belt so that I have a better idea of where to start and how to proceed (with a research project) once I get accepted into a PhD program.

Research Project

The Efficacy of Ambruticin VS-3 on Various Important Phytopathogenic Fungi

A sample of Ambruticin VS-3 was obtained from the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research and is now being screened for efficacy against various phytopathogenic fungi to determine the feasibility of using this compound as an agricultural fungicide. Various fungal pathogens will be screened with concentrations ranging from 32 to 0.125ug/mL of Ambruticin with 5×10^4 fungal spores suspended in RPMI1640 media. These results will be compared to a baseline measurement of 20ug/mL Amphotericin B on the fungal growth curves in a 72 hour period. If the results are satisfactory there is potential for the design of a transgenic plant to incorporate the biosynthesis pathway for this compound.