Ilana Farrell

Ilana Farrell


Dr. P. Christopher Wilson


College of Agricultural and Life Sciences


Environmental Geoscience


Geospatial Information Analysis Certificate


Research Director for UF's chapter of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, which involves applying for grants to undergo funded research projects on local waterway systems.

Academic Awards



Volunteers as a site leader with Florida Alternative Breaks, which involves planning and organizing service-based trips in Florida and the surrounding area.

Research Interests

Overall interested in studying how human actions have impacted aquatic systems. Most recently I have been a part of a water quality study looking at pharmaceuticals in Sweetwater Wetlands Park.

Hobbies and Interests

Hiking and exploring new places outside!

Research Project

Impacts of Dissolved Organic Carbon on the Bioavailability of an Herbicide to Non-target Aquatic Macrophytes

The potential risks and bioavailability of herbicides to non-target aquatic plant communities depends on various factors, including chemical properties and environmental factors. Such environmental factors include the dissolved / particulate organic carbon present. Atrazine, a terrestrial herbicide that is commonly detected in aquatic environments, will be tested at five different concentrations with varying levels of dissolved organic carbon, as well as with no natural organic matter (NOM) in the aquatic plant species lemna minor (duckweed).  This will be done with a 5×5 factorial study in the lab to evaluate how dissolved organic matter with influence the bioavailability of atrazine in duckweed. This project will provide insight into how natural organic matter influences toxicity of atrazine. Results will also be useful for characterizing how protective water quality criteria based on lab tests are relative to real-would conditions.